Written by Erica


“As I was first getting to know Bryan, I was struck by the depth of his lifelong friendships, and the lengths that he and his friends would go to in making sure they spent quality time together. Weekends spent mountain biking. Impromptu dinners out “just because.” Always providing each other with a place to live if someone needed it. Help when moving, changing jobs or experiencing heartbreak. Time to talk through misunderstandings; and yet still being each other’s biggest cheerleader. Furthermore, they have maintained those deep connections to this day, despite all of the changes and challenges that life has sent their way. They are truly ‘family’ to each other. It is this aspect of who Bryan is that was the most attractive to me when I met him, and still is today; and it is also that which will make him the most wonderful father.”


Bryan is...

  • well known for his sense of humor.

  • very young at heart!

  • respectful of the time and talent of others.

  • a wonderful pancake chef.

  • a patient teacher, who can make the most difficult of tasks sound simple.

  • good at solving problems, and thinking both analytically and creatively.

  • someone who will stop to carefully save a bird who hit the kitchen window, or a loose dog on the road.

  • a very safe and skilled driver.

  • fiercely loyal.


B R Y A N L O V E S ... Road Trips {especially to the mountains!} • Music • Mountain biking • Automobiles
Woodworking and Renovating Homes • Running and hiking • Anything Outdoors


F U N . F A C T S

Bryan raced cars for a long time and still has an intense love of automobiles – he spends several days every June with his family and friends driving more than 1,000 miles through Michigan in unique and classic cars.

Bryan is an avid mountain biker, audiophile (loves music!) and auto-enthusiast. For work, he is an international finance professional. His birthday is April 2.