When we met, we each had our own dog, both of whom came from local rescue groups. Erica had adopted Aida, a sweet English Pointer; and Bryan had adopted Diego, an energetic Vizsla. Aida is shy, but loves to chase to birds on the beach. Diego is outgoing, and would often go mountain biking with Bryan, running alongside him for up to 20 miles at a time. Both of our dogs love children, and are very safe and patient.


At the time we are writing this profile, Aida is now 15 and Diego is 12.5 years old. Both are aging quickly; and while we know they won’t physically be in our lives forever, they are a big part of our family. We both love dogs, and we will always have at least one in our home in the future.

In addition to our dogs, we are surrounded by horses, donkeys, and goats on the farm where we live. Lola {Erica’s horse} lives in our “backyard” and greets us every morning with a loud whinny!

To see more photos of our animals, visit our scrapbook.