“My parents met in college, at a social-mixer event held in the beginning of the school year. My father maintains he knew he would marry my mother within five minutes after having asked her to dance. They married 52 years ago, a week before my father was deployed to the Vietnam conflict as an officer in the Navy.


My mother is one of the most kind, caring and considerate people I have ever known. She often put others before herself – this was (and remains) never truer than for her children. She is even keeled and reserved, but is surprisingly at ease among a group of strangers. She was an elementary school teacher for her entire career, and in her last year of teaching in public schools, she was honored with her state’s Public School Teacher of the Year. My father is an eternal optimist! It’s a rare day when he sees the negative in a situation, if ever. Balancing my mother’s reserved nature, he is an extrovert and often the first person in the room to start telling jokes. He’s extremely self-confident and intensely loyal – he is definitely his family’s biggest cheerleader.

I have an older brother, Chris, and a younger sister, Meghan. Chris is married to Beth, and they have three children – Ben, Connor and Katie. Chris and his family live about two hours from us in NC. Meghan is married to Eric, and they have one daughter – Juliet. Meghan and her family live near my parents in PA. I feel so fortunate to have a very close relationship with my siblings, nieces and nephews. As an entire family, we all enjoy spending time together, especially around the holiday season.”

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