“My parents immigrated to the United States as children – my mom from Ireland; and my dad from Denmark. They married 38 years ago, and live in a restored 1920’s lake cottage that they purchased as a young couple.


My mother is resilient, patient and intensely caring. She appreciates the quieter moments in life, with a “cuppa” tea, a piece of chocolate, a good book and a set of knitting needles. She is passionate about beekeeping and gardening; and she still goes to the library every week. My father is an insanely talented woodworker. He is energetic, strong and prefers to be outdoors. Like my mother, he cares deeply for the well-being of others – and will drop anything to answer the call for a sick or injured family member, friend or neighbor. Both of my parents have continually set a strong example of giving back within the community; as well as an intense respect for nature and the environment.

I was almost ten years old when my brilliant little sister, Bryce, came into my life. She is a talented musician, and played the violin in regional orchestras through high school and college, as well as participated in show choir. We have a shared love of art and design, and both pursued the same college degree. She is a confident, beautiful and compassionate human; and I admire her ability to flow with what life sends her way. As I watched Bryce grow up, I developed a “maternal” affection towards her, proud of all of her accomplishments and adventures. Now as adults, we are very close, and the age difference between us has dissolved. Despite living in different states, we always make time to travel together.”

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