As our family grows, we look forward to:

Sharing our family traditions and culture with our child, as well as creating new traditions of our own;

Enjoying life and expanding our horizons, through:

  • connection with others

  • immersive experiences – exploring passions, trying new things, seeking education and learning experiences

  • always having an open mind

  • road trips, exploration and travel!

Celebrating that which makes our family unique, including:

  • the expansion of our ‘family tree’ through adoption

  • a creative, multi-cultural upbringing.


Raising a child to:

  • enjoy nature

  • foster healthy relationships

  • have a connection with animals

  • be kind and trustworthy

  • work hard and seek independence

  • laugh often

  • follow passions

  • leave the world better than we found it

Learning from our amazing “village” of people who we admire as parents; and their children who will be wonderful first friendships for our own.