HOME sweet home


We live on a horse farm in North Carolina, in a charming home tucked away in the trees. We are far enough North to have a blanket of snow in the winter, but far enough South that flowers bloom in February. And the sky is so dark and clear at night, that you can count every star that goes shooting by.

We have room for a tall, dreamy Christmas tree, a view of a creek to play in, and plenty of room for a child to have their own personal space. We have a cozy “book nook” with big windows and layers of shelves to fill with books, toys and treasures.

We were both raised in communities where we would run out the front door to play with friends, only to return when called back by our parents for dinner. While we don’t currently live in a neighborhood, we have many friends {with young children} who love to visit, explore the farm, ride bikes without worry and provide the energy of a vibrant “playdate” in a unique and special place that we are lucky enough to call home.