The Weekend

Weekends are the “in between.” The time to recalibrate, and reconnect. To take off early and go hike somewhere new; or make pancakes and eat breakfast on the porch outside. The time to catch up on laundry and food shopping and vacuuming. To hang out with the dogs, horses and other creatures in our life. And to call family or friends we haven't talked to in a while.


Weekends are also the time when we find ourselves thinking most about what our family could look like in the future; and the path we have traveled to get to this point. Many weekends for our friends and family are full of children's activities, experiences shared with others and moments that add to their story and traditions.

We have incredibly strong family connections and a generous, diverse village of friends, who often include us in these moments – which we are grateful for. We have many children in our life who we care for unconditionally as much as a we will a child of our own. And as we have time to { excitedly / anxiously / patiently } wait for the right connection, we look forward to what it might be like to open our hearts to a child, and his or her birth family, who have chosen adoption.

To the expectant mother, who may also be experiencing the “in between” – we imagine that creating an adoption plan for your child is not easy to do; and that this process must be deeply filled with emotion and uncertainty as you think about what you want for your child’s future. Your decision requires immeasurable strength, commitment and courage; and, we are so grateful that you might consider us as the right family for your child. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us, anytime.

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