Life on the Farm


About six years ago, shortly before we were married, we had the unique opportunity to move to a large farm just outside a major city, where Bryan works. Since childhood, it has always been my (Erica) dream to have a farm full of horses; but I knew how much it would take to achieve that, and I was/am grateful and fulfilled to have a horse of my own that I kept at a nearby barn with friends.


Then – as life often designs it – many unplanned moments coming together, a lot of hard work and a leap of faith, this farm created the foundation to start a nonprofit organization that had been on my mind for years. And several months after moving in, it would also become the backdrop for our wedding; and many, many special family occasions over the years that would follow.

Living on a farm provides the opportunity to learn (and be reminded of) many things – responsibility, compassion, respect for life, work ethic, not being afraid to get dirty, patience, empathy and the value of relationships. It shows you that life can be messy (in more ways than one!), but that there is always a way to navigate through it. It is proven to us over and over again that we are capable of doing really hard things; and it is a big reminder of how connected we are to others and the world around us.


Despite how quiet it can feel at times, we can drive a short distance and be in the middle of a bustling town or major city. We are not so far removed from “urban life”, shopping, major universities and growing businesses - but the moment you pull into the farm, everything seems to slow down a little bit. The sky is so dark and clear at night, you can count every star that goes shooting by; and everywhere you turn, things are blooming, buzzing, growing, and changing.


Our family often comes to stay with us; and we have many friends {with children!} who love to visit, explore the farm and safely ride bikes or hike without worry of traffic. All of the people (and animals!) in our life infuse intense energy into this special, unique place that we are lucky enough to call home, and that we look forward to sharing with our own child in the future.

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