"You are loved," said the horse.

Art, and creativity, has a special place in our life. When we travel, or celebrate a special moment in our relationship, Bryan and I often like to buy a little piece of original art to keep in our home. It is never expensive; and it might be a tiny painting, or a photograph, or even a ceramic mug that was made by a local potter. We have a cherished folder in a filing cabinet full of drawings and cards that our nieces, nephews and children of friends have made for us. And I (Erica), feel grateful to have been supported in my love of art to the point of pursuing it in school, and finding a career as a designer and photographer.

Art is so full of passion; and often walks the line between right and wrong. It showcases our differences, both in how it was created, and who responds to it. It reflects the time we live in and reminds us of times we missed. And whether it be a parent, musician, painter, writer or actor – we all likely have an “artist” in our life who has created something that has affected us.

Charlie Macksey is one of mine. He is an artist from the UK, and his quick, thoughtful drawings feature a boy and his horse, as well as several other animal friends. Each drawing is often accompanied by a short message that seems to hit me just where I need it that day. Furthermore, his drawings are a reminder that something great doesn't need to be perfect, that vulnerability is strength, and that we are not alone.

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