To the expectant mother we have yet to meet – we cannot fully imagine how hard it must be to even think about creating an adoption plan for your child, let alone move forward with it. This process must be deeply filled with emotion and uncertainty as you think about what you want for your child’s future; and we know it requires immeasurable strength, commitment and courage. We expect to feel humbled by the expectant mothers we may meet during this journey; and we expect to be quite vulnerable throughout this process. What maybe we did not expect was how much self doubt we would feel on our end as we make a “pitch” for ourselves and our family out there in the world, waiting to be chosen.

In our social media society, it is easy to get wrapped up in toxic comparison. Weddings, birthdays, careers, fashion, parenting…the “perfection” in so many of these images we see easily makes you feel as though everyone else has it all together, and that you should too.

As we immerse ourselves into the world of “marketing” for the sake of being chosen by an expectant mother, insecurities can come flooding in.

Are we “attractive” enough? Is our life interesting enough? Can we really get across what kind of people we are; what type of parents we will be? Will transparency about our insecurities be a turn off? What about us will draw someone in, and want to learn more?


What we are confident about – and what we hope we can get across – is that we are compassionate, genuine, hard-working, stable and open-minded people.

We are unique and interesting; and yet we are human and we make mistakes. We have strong family connections and a village of close friends; who help us when we are down and celebrate with us when we are up.

We may not be as “perfect” as someone else's Instagram may appear, but we are good people who hope to leave this world a little better than we found it. ...and hopefully somewhere along the way, we are perfectly imperfect for an expectant mother to reach out to learn more about us, too.

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