The "Office"


Bryan and I have both been passionate about our careers since graduating college. We are both hard-working, and we care deeply about the people on our teams. We enjoy learning, and are always trying to surround ourselves with people who are different and unique; those who have different strengths than we do. But, we are also focused on work-life balance, making sure that we are “working to live,” and not “living to work.”

Bryan has the flexibility in his job to work from home; and somedays he travels to one of two offices around the state. Occasionally he will travel for work, jetting off to cities such as San Francisco, Phoenix, London or Denver – and in some instances we take advantage of turning it into an impromptu mini family vacation.

Since starting my own business in my 20s, I have always worked from home; or in my own studio where I have the flexibility to set my schedule. For the last six years, following a cup of coffee, I walk around the farm to say good morning to the horses and enjoy the warm light from the sun coming up. {I am a naturally early riser.} With the exception of being out of town or under the weather, I have done this – rain, shine, heat, cold, snow, rain. It is my favorite part of the workday; and I am grateful to have this view from my “office.”

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