Erica holding Bryce the day she was born.

Erica holding Bryce the day she was born.

I (Erica) was almost ten years old when my brilliant little sister, Bryce, came into my life. I had perpetually asked my parents for an older brother, because all of my “cool” friends had one. I remember the very day my mom went in to labor, and I went to spend the day (and night) at my friend Jenny's house. I remember thinking how excited I was to have my own “real life baby” to care for, diaper, feed, carry around, push in the stroller and dress up. Finally, after almost a decade of being an 'only child,' I was in the same club as my friends – I had a sibling to hang out with, argue with, and share clothes with. {Not realizing that we wouldn't actually have clothes to share until we were adults.}

The advantage to our difference in age is that we never experienced sibling rivalry. We never fought over toys, attention or boys. In fact, we have never fought about anything. I watched Bryce grow up, and enjoyed taking care of her; and I have a maternal affection towards her, proud of all of her accomplishments and adventures.


The disadvantage to our difference in age is that it took us a lot longer to connect. I went on to college, and Bryce was only 7 years old. I moved out the house, got my first job, moved into an apartment, had my first love, got my heart broken, and moved out of state... and Bryce was still a teenager at home. We missed out on some of the younger joys of sisterhood, and were rarely seen together. Most of Bryce's friends at school did not even think I was “real” – until I showed up at her prom to take photos, or graduation to celebrate. It was not until Bryce was in high school, and I was out of college, that we really started to develop our relationship.


We both inherited the creative gene from our parents, but in slightly different ways –

  • Bryce would be playing the solo on her fiddle in a full auditorium, and I chose instruments that I played at home or as part of an ensemble;

  • She would be singing in show choir, and I would prefer to be painting the set backstage;

  • She would be practicing the finesse and focus required for fencing tournaments, and I was covered in dirt and manure with my horses at the barn;

  • She is not afraid to color outside the lines; I am usually within them.

I was very clear on what direction I wanted my life to take; and she has allowed herself more freedom to discover that organically. We do not always assume the traditional birth order roles in some ways, although if you ask her, its very clear that I was the “first” born; and on many occasions I can remember saying to my parents, “I wasn't allowed to do that...” as Bryce would head out the door to a co-ed prom party. Sometimes, we still relive those moments just to torture each other.

Meghan, Erica and Bryce

Meghan, Erica and Bryce

For the last four years, Bryce has lived in Seattle, and despite the miles that separated us, we maintained a very close relationship. Most recently, she moved back to the East Coast, and we have been able to spend a lot of time together.

Through marriage, Bryce and I have both had the opportunity to add two sisters (Meghan, Beth) and two brothers (Chris, Eric) to our small family; all of whom “fill in the gaps” of the years between us quite easily. Even though we all live in different cities, we have grown to be very close, which I am so grateful for.

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