Written by Bryan


“In my earlier life, I was trying to make a living racing cars professionally, while still holding down a very demanding full time “professional” job; as a result, my social life wasn’t that social. However, in my early 30s, I met Erica and my life changed direction for the better. Not only is Erica absolutely beautiful, but the impact she is making on the world around her is incredible. She is a remarkable human. I was immediately attracted to her easy going personality, kind-hearted nature and knowledge of herself. She is very grounded, and knows that which is most important to her in life. Her sense of self is incredible and she follows her moral compass – her own true north. Her deep innate love of other living things, creative approach to all situations, and her quiet confidence are the qualities I know will make her a wonderful and compassionate mother, just as she is a partner in life.”


Erica is...

  • is health conscious; and believes strongly in eating well.

  • is very active – life on a horse farm ensures this!

  • very creative and artistically talented.

  • is very hard-working; and not afraid to take a risk in career to try something new, start a business or pursue a wild idea or big dream.

  • balanced when it comes to the relationship between work and life – when she’s working, she’s extremely focused and efficient. But when she’s not working, she’s totally present and living in the moment.

  • passionate about helping others.

  • an introvert.


E R I C A L O V E S ... The ocean {tide pools and sea creatures} • All animals, especially horses and dogs • Road trips to new places and meals at new restaurants • Beautiful design • Handwritten notes • Colored felt-tip pens


F U N . F A C T S

Erica started her first business in her 20’s; and later launched a nonprofit that benefits individuals affected by special needs, chronic illness and trauma.

Erica is a designer and photographer, as well as an avid equestrian. Her favorite color is turquoise and her birthday is July 17.