“…my only hesitation {with writing this note about Erica and Bryan} was that I might not be able to express in words how I feel about them as a couple, as individuals, and as future parents. In the time I have known them, Erica and Bryan have opened up their home, and included me in their family dinners and holiday celebrations without hesitation. They are such a kind and generous couple who portray selflessness on a daily basis; and as I watch them interact together, I am never any less amazed at how patient and kind they are towards each other. Bryan is the first one to jump up to help you at any moment and is a true gentleman to everyone he encounters. Erica is such a kind and compassionate person who always makes me want to be a better person by just being around her. {Their} passion and desire to give back to the community is beyond compare. I feel that Erica and Bryan would give a child the best chance at a well balanced and fulfilled life; he or she would feel loved, secure and have opportunity for adventure and education. I couldn’t be more excited for the child who has the opportunity to join them as a part of their family.”

"What has struck me over the years [about] Bryan is his level of genuine care, concern, honesty and openness towards others; as well as his ability to be an incredibly patient and giving person. He possesses a depth of character, that you don't often come across, in my experience. If you ask Bryan he will say that Erica is his better half, so if you consider who he is and what he brings to the world, one can only imagine what she is like. When I am in Erica’s presence it is clear what her life priorities are, without her even having to speak a word. She desires to change the world by having an impact on a grand scale, coupled with an amazing ability to be creative in ways that offer healing, hope, inspiration, grace and confidence."

“We first met Bryan and Erica in 2007 and have since developed a strong friendship, going through many life experiences together along the way. They are some of our favorite people on earth! Throughout our relationship we have always found them to be kind, honest, hardworking, caring, intentional and authentic. They are the kind of people you feel blessed to know.

Over the years, we’ve observed Bryan and Erica interacting with children in multiple situations, primarily through Erica’s nonprofit work with those who have different abilities. She is thoughtful and considerate, accepting of everyone. Through her work she has positively impacted the lives of so many children. Bryan is an excellent support system, making sacrifices in order for Erica to do the type of work that she does. They are a great team!

Our children have also had the privilege of knowing Bryan and Erica; and whenever we spend time together, they pay special attention to the boys, making them feel loved and cultivating a relationship of their own. Our kids LOVE Bryan and Erica and are lucky to have them in their lives.”

“We were fortunate to become friendly with Bryan when we moved to [the area] in 2004. Through Bryan, we formed a network of friends who enjoyed casual get-togethers, movie nights, hikes and mountain biking. When Bryan met his soulmate, Erica, we were soon head over heels as well. Truly, two of the kindest people had found each other. Being present when they tied the knot a few years later was a great honor.

Bryan and Erica are a great team because they respect each other’s individual traits while sharing the same integrity that guides them through their lives. They both address all aspects of their lives with such purposefulness. They face life’s challenges as a team, support each other in their careers, problem solve with a calm sense of clarity, and are flexible when daily journeys require adjustments. And, [as a result of] their heartfelt nonprofit work, we have seen them be an integral part in transforming a horse farm into a haven for families of children with special needs.

Bryan and Erica have always had a special place for children in their hearts. Bryan was a joyful and proud uncle by the time we became close friends; and Erica was volunteering tirelessly with children [programs]. They have shared their love of the outdoors with our own children, and they have warmly opened up their home to our family countless times."

"We have known Erica and Bryan for almost 10 years, when Erica became our daughter's equestrian coach. Over time, they have become some of our best friends; our entire family is very close to them. We often spend special weekends and holidays together. In addition to the times we spend socially, all three of our children have worked on the farm where Erica has her nonprofit, and have developed their own strong relationships with Erica and Bryan as a couple.

Erica is passionate, friendly, [and] generous. She started her nonprofit from the ground up and is very involved in the well-being of adults and children, especially. She continues to be our daughter's coach in a sport she loves, and has served as a wonderful role model for her in so many ways. We can see many positive traits in her [our daughter] that come as a result of Erica's mentorship.

Bryan is very friendly, caring, generous and driven. He is constantly striving to improve himself in all that he does. He has great leadership qualities, often teaching others his many talents and interests. Both Erica and Bryan value their families and have a great support network. They have a great love and respect for one another.”